Getting Cash

It all boils down to how you balance the three C's; cash, capacity and cashflow. It may be necessary to work with vendors to get equipment on credit if they have to pay upfront. You may need to get line of credit if no bank is willing to offer it.

If you cannot get any credit facilities, it means that the person you have approached is not willing to make any commitments. So the first thing to do, is get the vendor to write you a check.

What happens next is you pay them early. The check should come out of their account immediately. The interest earned on the check is added to their cashflow. The next pay check they get is for the amount of time the check is outstanding.

When the check is for more than the amount of time the check is outstanding, the vendor is still paid for the amount of time the check is outstanding.

This method of getting capital is the quickest method. You need to get the cheque out quickly. You can't wait for interest to accumulate but you need it out as fast as possible because interest accrues over a period of weeks not days.

The advantage with this method over others is that the check is usually payable and the vendor does not demand that you pay the whole amount out in advance. The vendor is happy if you can pay the full amount in 24 hours. In other words, the cheque works in favour of you.

So this is how you get capital. The last method is to find a buyer for an asset. You can look around among your friends as well as outside. Try not to go into bidding with a particular vendor. A bidding process could drag out for a number of weeks or months. The vendor is likely to get their own stock. You need to be prepared for a longer process as the asset has a market value - not a contract value.

When a client has asked to purchase their own inventory, the first thing to do is make sure it is in good shape. The client may be looking to purchase new equipment or a few surplus items. They may not wish to deal with obsolete stock.

Always keep track of the inventory as it comes in, as it goes out and as it comes back. This enables you to have an inventory ready for when the client contacts you and makes an enquiry.

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